I was having a conversation with Mr. Greek the other day, and he repeatedly noted that he had not experienced one thing or the other that I have. After being mildly annoyed with this, I finally stopped him mid sentence. “It matters to be where you have been, but it matters more to me where you are going.” I have never in my life gotten a more perplexed response. I wasn’t even going for the shock and awe factor.  You live your life however you choose to and it’s not my place to pass judgment on you for doing so. If you are an interest to me, then I don’t care as much about your past girlfriends, or whatever. I care more about the goals that you have set for yourself.

I love evolving beyond what everyone else thinks you should be. I love when  your life has direction that you have picked. Living inside the conformity of what someone else thinks you are is so stifling. I can’t see how  you could ever be happy that way. I live my life the way I want to. It may not be ideal, or even remotely pretty, but it is a direct reflection of myself. I never allow anyone or anything to  define me other than myself. My friends are just a continuation of who I am. If they didn’t love me for me, or even remotely thought about passing judgment on me, then they wouldn’t be my friends. I can’t pick my family, but I can certainly treat them like a friend. After reaching adulthood, I have the choice of being friendly with them, or choosing to ignore them. Sometimes it’s easier to love them at a distance. My job is my job, but much like my family, it does not define me. My personal versus my professional life are very distinguished. I am not defined by my style, or my beer. I define myself, and nothing else. It matters where I have been, but it matter more where I am going. I’m not entirely sure where that is yet, but has Mr. Slap once told me, “You don’t even realize the potential that you have to impact so many others that yourself. You will do something extraordinary one day, and I will say I told you so.”



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