Heart and Mind

This has never been more true. Following your heart is like a roller coaster. You are making that climb. Hear that click click click of the chain? That’s your heart and those butterflies. The clicking stops and you fall fast. It’s scary, yet it’s exhilarating. You smile like an uncontrollable fool, and you know that you are. You don’t care. You just want to hang in that free fall for a while. Your relationship builds as you climb the next hill. You stick together through your turns. Then you take the next big fall. Love. Not as unexpected but definitely as haunting. Then your heart begins to feel the steepness of the curves, the pull of being upside down. You get that little sick pit in your stomach. You know it’s time to bail and just like that roller coaster. You know when it’s time to get off. The cart slows. Brakes are pumping. Jerking. You are released. You climb out of your cart knowing that it was fun while it lasted but you are relieved to be done. Your order returns. You think “Idiot. I told you not to do that”, but your heart commanded you to do it anyways for the love of the game is merely defined by chaos and order brings about nothing nearly as exciting.


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