Picket My Funeral And I’ll Come Back From The Dead.


Why, may I ask, is this ok?! Ignorance is not an excuse to act like this or to treat others as if they are below you. As a Christian, you are humble before God and you are superior to no one. As for the Westboro Baptist Church, I do not understand their mission, or even remotely their train of thought. If they honestly think that they are in the right to do the things they do, they are severally mislead.

I do not understand the point of the church picketing funerals. The dead of lived whatever life they have chosen to live. Let their families grieve in peace! Furthermore, the Westboro Baptist Church is giving Baptists and Christians alike a poor name. Part of being a Christian is acceptance of everyone. You love people despite their flaws. Sins are forgiven and it’s not your place to judge them. It’s God’s. If the church wants people to become Christians, then perhaps they should look at what they are doing. Acting in the manner that they do drives people away, and angers others.

Honestly, I hope that God frowns severally upon the individuals who thought that it was a good idea to picket funerals. I can also promise you that if they were to ever show up at a funeral that I was at, I would be arrested for a number of offenses. I believe they would back off if a rifle was pointed in their face. It’s sad that violence of that nature is even considered being used but sometimes fighter force with a greater force is necessary.

Finally, you rep what you sow. Karma will not be kind to them in the future, and I hope that they get everything that they deserve.


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