Life Wish List

Now I know I blogged earlier about asking for things for Christmas, and how it makes people forget what Christmas is really all about, but I decided to revert back to a kid for just a second. Instead of a Christmas list, I made a life list. It’s a list of everything that I want right now in my life that can be given to me (versus earned…like a significant other).

If money, space, time, etc. were no object, these are the things that I would want. Judge me later for them cause I would.

1. A home. Not a normal home, but a custom built, designed by yours truly home. Near water. Preferably a lake, and I don’t want to see my neighbors. I would love the home beautifully designed both inside and outside, but the details are too much so I’ll just stop there.

2. A truck…and a few cars. Call me greedy, but I have a deep love for certain cars. Naturally though I need that truck because that’s what I drive all the time anyways. A nice big one like Mr. Soup’s would be drool worthy. Moving on to the cars. I love old muscle cars as well as some newer ones. If you gave me an Audi R8, manual, red exterior, black leather interior, a sweet pair of shoes, blacked out windows, unbelievable system and I would die. Plus a 1969 Camaro Z28, manual, black exterior, black leather interior, legit tires, blacked out windows and heaven would be on earth.

3. Travel. If you could so kindly sponsor me to travel all over the world and do charity work that would be wonderful. I love to give back, but giving back takes money in some capacity.

4. A job. If you can some how turn the above into a job that would be sweet too. If not, a nice PR job would be good. It’s like being a paid socialite.

5. Land. Always a good investment.

6. Investments. Trying to save for my children when I have them.

7. Finally, a new closet. I love some of the pieces in my closet but their are many more I could dream of. I just refuse to pay an arm and a leg for them.

Although this is my dream list (kinda sorta), I also realize that none of this matters if you don’t have friends and family. They matter more than your material worth. Plus material worth generally attracts people to you for the wrong reasons. Always keep that in mind.


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