I Can Tell Your Fortune

What’s the best part about Chinese food? The fortune cookie duh! Even though you enjoy the food (and rather not know what’s in it), you love that you have a surprise waiting for you when you finish.

So you finish that meal and stare at the mini pacman for few moments. You can’t take it anymore! You eagerly tear open the little plastic package, getting more excited with each crinkling noise. Finally the plastic is off and you hear that crispy crunch of your hands breaking open the cookie (which depending on your taste you eat as you read your fortune). Out comes that little white piece of paper and holds the power to your future. You hope for a great one, but you are often disappointed. You focus in and read it. BAM! It is 1. horrible so you read it aloud and add “in bed” to the end of it, or 2. EPIC and speaks to you like the god that you are. Below are three of the best ones I’ve gotten (so good in fact they ate taped to my computer):

“Trust him, but still keep your eyes open.” I was having relationship issues with the pig at that moment so this one spoke to me on multiple levels.

“You love Chinese food.” Couldn’t do anything but laugh until I cried when I got this one.

“You have a reputation for being straight forward and honest.” Found this one on my desk one day. Not from my fortune but clearly someone (probably my lovely roommates) felt it should have been mine. And they were right. I am straight forward and honest, or as I like to say RAW.

Funny how a small phrase generated from a computer and stuffed in a cookie can have such a profound impact.


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