Give Me Presents Galore!

In light of the fact that Christmas is 23 days away, I feel absolutely compelled to write about it now. Much like Christmas, everything else related to it comes sooner that necessary and too over the top. Since when does the holiday calendar go from Halloween to Christmas? Thanksgiving comes before Christmas, yet it’s like everyone skips it.

Christmas has become too much; over glorified for the wrong reasons. From the over abundance of expensive toys to the ridiculous drunken parties, people have forgotten what Christmas is truly about. They forget that it’s a Christian holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus. It’s a holiday to celebrate time with family and friends. It’s a time to be humble. It’s not a time to get completely drunk so that you miss it because you were in bed all day with a hangover. It’s not a time to ask for the most expensive things that you can, just so you can not care about them and not use them three weeks later. It’s not a time acting angry at the word either.

Mostly I get irritated at Christmas with small children and their parents. When I was a kid, my mother and father were struggling one year for money so they went to the dollar store and bought me a mop, broom, bucket, etc. On Christmas I almost pooped myself with excitement. Think about this. I got cleaning supplies and I was ecstatic! How many children now-a-days would be happy about cleaning supplies? Most wonder what they were. I can see it now.

“Go sweep? What is that?”

“Is this that thing the maid uses to suck up dirt?”

“You want me to do WHAT?!”

Yeah. You get my point. I don’t understand buying copious amounts of junk especially if they aren’t appreciated. I realize that at some point in my younger years I was like this, but my parents (especially my mother) trained me well. I worked for what I got and I damn good-in-well appreciated it. Now for Christmas I only give my time to people, something I’ve spent time making, or practical gifts. It shows that I care. When I see extremely giving, it makes me sick to my stomach. It also proves to me that money doesn’t buy happiness. The “happiness” of the gift doesn’t create a memory or last forever. Your quality time does.

This year for Christmas, I challenge you to be different. Only give things straight from the heart. Stay away from the stores (unless you see a fabulous pair of boots that you just must have for yourself), and make something. Give a heartfelt gift. Be yourself. Be original.


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