And It Goes On And On

Hello world. I didn’t forget about you for the day. I’m sure that you can tell by the tone of this post that things are better between the travel buddy and I. They are but its not what you are thinking. Let me explain.

So left you with the basic point that traveling jackass was getting on my nerves. It got worse. I lost my nugget this morning. The idiot had gone down to the casino to gamble (remember we are in Vegas). While gambling I know he was drinking whiskey mixed drinks. I don’t know how many he consumed but when he came back to the room he was fucked up drunk. Wonderful right?

He drank way too much last night. Woke me up in the middle of the night because he was throwing up. I lost my shit on him this morning. I was so mad I was shaking. Afterward he had the nerve to ask me what he did wrong so I lit into him again. I dropped him off at the airport in Vegas.

Call it me being a bitch. I don’t care. I had enough. After promptly putting him out on the curb of the airport, my trip became instantly better. I made my way from Vegas to LA with ease. However,I sooner realized that although LA is pretty , its not really my style.

So I was in-and-out like the burger. I was originally planning to go see the Grand Canyon, the Painted Desert, etc. But after calling my mother and checking the weather, we decided that this was not a good idea because the area got a ton of snow poured on them. So I changed plans and am currently making my way to Dallas, Texas. Its a challenge to make it there before 7PM. I’ll have to let you know later today how that went.

The drive today was occupied by a whole lot of desert. Not exciting. I had meaningful conversations and much needed entertainment from LadyFriend, Mr. Boxer, Mr. Mosquito, Mr. Breadsticks, Mr. Greek, Mr. Delicious, and Ma. Once again, their conversations are greatly appreciated.

Here’s to the Dallas Challenge, watching the sunset in LA and watching it rise somewhere in Texas.

I Love The Snow.

Today we left from Denver heading to Las Vegas. We started off our day seeing a sign that we didn’t see last night (below). It made me giggle just a little bit.

Next I discovered that my truck doesn’t like the higher altitude. Poor Vinny was struggling to accelerate and definitely didn’t feel like moving. After 5 minutes on the road, I got my second surprise of the day. Traffic. Lots of traffic. But I was able to view The Rockies. Beautiful. Then my beautiful Rockies became snow covered Rockies. The snow was my third surprise. It snowed and snowed and snowed some more. I looked at snow for about 10 hours today. But I digress.

That was the positive of my day. The negative began about an hour after I got up and the breakfast table. ‎​My annoying ass driving buddy told me he was going to bring someone back to the room. I told him I’d kill him. Then he said that given the chance I wouldn’t do. I told him he was dead ‎​ wrong. Then he changed the subject and said he had a hard time breathing last night. I had to refrain from telling him its because he was fat and out of shape. That was all within an hour of being a wake and I’m not a morning person.

The day progressed and I tolerated him all day long until we got into Vegas and the hotel. I lost my nugget just a little bit. The torn in my side was acting like a little annoying fucking kid. “Come on. Come on. Come on. You know you have to be a little bit excited” which I’ve heard about 50 times today. I had enough. I told him very seriously that I’m not excited. This is not my fucking city and to drop the fucking subject. I didn’t want to hear another word about it. He’s response: “It’s just all in the attitude.” Me: “Yes and yours is really fucking immature. Case closed.”

After that we were ok. I told him that I needed some “me” time and for him to go out. I will have to say I got in some much needed shower time and chat time with Mr. Soup. He is sick, unfortunately, so I made him feel better via the phone. I boosted his night, but his health, sadly.

I also had some pleasant conversations with Mr. Boxer, Mr. Breadsticks, Sunshine, LadyFriend, Grace Kelly and Mr. Greek today. I thank them everyday for providing me endless hours of entertainment while on the road.

Now its off for veg time. I’m sleepy and ready to eat. Plus I need to prepare for the possible high five I’ll have to give tomorrow.


All Quiet On The Western Front

Today, road trip day three, we drove across Kansas. The most exciting thing I saw today was llamas, buffalo, my first tumble weed, those big windmills, and cows running. The road trip partner was quiet for most of the ride but he is starting to get mouthy now. Anyways, Kansas is one of the most boring states ever. We eventually got to Colorado, which boring. Denver from the outside was a disappointment. We’ll see how it pans out for the night.

As for the day, I have completely relied on my friends for entertainment on the road. Some much, much more please to look at and talk to (if you catch my drift) than others. (HA. Take that one last stab of information you didn’t want to know Mr. Boxer!) I spent most of the day daydreaming about what I could do with time, my job, my life. Most of the are thoughts inappropriate and can’t be written on here, but that’s not the point. Just know I daydreamed for 10 hours and I was nice. I ignored my driving buddy. He’s annoyance isn’t going to distract me from my dreaming. He got one word answers and nods all day.

Ok enough bitching. Vegas tomorrow.

It’s Like Traveling With A Woman

Day 2 of the road trip. Lexington, Kentucky to Kansas City, and my friends enter woman came out big time. We were doing well until someone sent him a text message after we left St. Louis. Then the huffing and buffing in the passenger seat began. Now I’m a woman so I know what that means. We are going to sit over there and makes loud noises until you ask us what is wrong. Then we are going to saying nothing and expect you to ask again. No thanks. I’m not playing that game with my passenger. So I ignored him.

It worked like a charm until we got to Columbus and stopped to eat. He gave me the “I’m about to wreck 2 and a half weeks of being sober” speech. I told him I didn’t care, he drank last night, and that he needed to grow the fuck up. I don’t deal well with small bladders in the car and he’s being a moody little bitch. Which by the way I told him that too in the bar at dinner and the guy beside us busted out laughing. My friend then apologized for being a woman. Ha. Point proven.

The silent treatment and being harshly blunt seems to be the best way to communicate and get my point across. Later on he told me he appreciated my frankness. I simply replied “You’re welcome and you are responsible for your own happiness.”

On a side note, the arch in St. Louis was legit. I went up in it and was highly impressed. On to Denver tomorrow!


Pluck Pluck

Road trip day one and I’m already ready to kill the little shit with me. But I digress.

I picked this kid to go with me on my roadtrip because I needed someone to go with me and he volunteered. I knew right away I was going to regret it but I needed a battle buddy. I pick him up today and he immediately starts talking. “Ok,” I think, “Breathe. Just let him talk it out. He’ll shut up eventually.” Three hours later the truck goes silent. Finally!

I spoke too soon. He started talking again. This time about his one night stand and how he felt guilty. Sorry friend but I’m the wrong motherfucking person to tell your sob story too. 1. WHO THE FUCK WOULD SLEEP WITH HIM? 2. I’m the wrong person I give advice on that shit. I told him that I had no shame so I wouldn’t feel bad because I got what I wanted. Wrong, maybe. But it’s the truth.

Oh the joys of bonding on a roadtrip. If I am silent he’ll stop talking right?

The Torture Known As Christmas.

I managed to escape Christmas morning on vacation day five. I missed the wave of the 12 year old, the 9 year old, and the 1 and a half year old. With a 1130AM wake up, I wobbled outside to check my messages and let the dogs do their thing. It wasn’t as cold as it usually is but it still wasn’t pleasant.

100 and some odd messages later, I came back in to dethaw. I was looking forward to the quiet, afternoon ahead. I misjudged severally. I listened to parents bitch at each other. Kids screaming and crying. So much loud noise and commotion. It was way too much to handle.

I read a magazine or two. Relaxed. Napped. Ate a delicious Christmas dinner. Watch those God forsaken Christmas movies. Honestly, I hate them. Too much just blah. They make me sick and annoy me.

The day should have vastly improved after lunch, but it didn’t. We have a storm front coming through dumping a ton of snow in the area. But it doesn’t snow here. Also, because of this lovely little storm Mr. Nelson went home early to the beach. I didn’t get my beers or my “quality time” with him which disappoints me a great deal. But it’s ok. I don’t expect much out of him anymore. Why should I? I guess the upside to this is that I saved on gas. I can go to sleep early and get a head start on tomorrow. Finally, I got an invite to his house at the beach. I consider that pretty ballin’.

The day was lazy overall, but now we got to go shoot the opossums y’all! No really, we do. There is one outside now about the size of a cat.

A Lot Of Things Change In A Year

I woke up on vacation day four to an empty house. I panicked. For those of you who don’t know I have an unrealistic fear of bring left. If I go to sleep with someone in the bed and wake up alone, I panic. When the house is full of people when I go to sleep and empty when I wake up, I am petrified. When I realize that I’m alone and literally can’t breathe. I choke up, my eyes begin to water, my mind races, and fear overcomes me.

Mr. Greek had gone. He had left home, but he did leave a note. After I calmed down, I decided that I was going to rest until Sunshine had come home. Drifting off to sleep, I was later rewoken by Sunshine milling about in the house. My nerves calmed and by normal senses back, I ventured out of the bed to bond with Sunshine. I soon landed myself back in bed.

Given that it’s Christmas Eve, the girls decided to do Christmas then at 11AM. Picture it. Three 20 some odd year old girls piled up in a full size bed exchanging Christmas gifts. Classy. 1 bag of oreos, a Kesha cd, a Barnes & Noble gift card, some knives, and a candle later Christmas was done. We moved onto sex talk.

We gossiped for a while and eventually tore ourselves away from the moment. I motivated and got ready for the day, Sunshine went to sleep, and the other cousin went back to Ma’s. I eventually followed her up to the house, ate, fiddled on the computer for a bit, and continued to think.

I giggled to myself some when I was thinking about one year ago today. I’m still trying to contain my laughter. One year ago today I was rocking a huge hickey and several other markings from the hands (and mouth) of Mr. Nelson. And to think I didn’t even have sex with them then. Christmas came early last year and it was fucking awesome.

Moving on. I made my way to Ma’s to make the commute to the country house where we spent Christmas. Upon leaving the house I stepped out on a limb and texted Mr. Nelson. 5 minutes later I actually got a response. Kind of shocked me. We had a few causal exchanges and then he dropped the huge elephant in the room.

Mr. Nelson: I see. So what made you decide to get in touch again? Not that I mind. Me: I finally stopped being mad to be honest.
Mr. Nelson: Fair enough.
Me: I know it sounds a bit ridiculous but I realized the other day when someone said your name that I wasn’t mad anymore. And I really didn’t see the point in not talking to you.
Mr. Nelson: Well I’m glad you decided that. So what are you doing up in (this place)?
Me: Ha. Me too. I don’t really have any plans minus christmas lunch tomorrow. Probably gonna be bored to tears. Mr. Nelson: Are we back to normal enough to hang out while we’re both in town? Me: I’d like to think so yes.
Mr. Nelson: I mean I’m not holding any resentment so I’d say yes.

And there we have it. We were once fuck buddies and now we are friends again. My my how things can change in six months to a year. So tomorrow we will be meeting for beers. Wish me luck!