Not Exactly Dancing with the Stars

Funny how some people just waltz back into your live, either by force or by accident. My little dilemma begins with ex-boyfriends, or in some cases ex-mess around friends. I find it absolutely perplexing that somehow these people end up back in my life. And I still beg the question of how and why? Lets give the most recent examples. We have Mr. Breadstick. Ah, yes, the ever famous Mr. Breadstick. I’ll have to explain more in detail later about his dearest self. Long story short, Mr. Breadstick is an ex. He dumped me a few days before a major holiday. He played me by talking to someone else, Ms. Ineedacheeseburger, at the same time and in the process he coincidently “forgot” to tell his friend, Mr. Soup, that he was talking to Ms. Ineedacheeseburger. Mr. Soup and Ms. Ineedacheeseburger were talking as well.

So back to the point here. Mr. Breadstick left me for Ms. Ineedacheeseburger and then proceeded to give me the cold shoulder for a while. Now I deserved it at first because I acted like an irrational crazy bitch (standard, right?), but after I apologized, we were on an even playing field. This is when he proceeded to meld in my business, and we didn’t talk for oh say 6 months. Then out of the blue, seemingly, he wants to be my friend. Text me, call me. Some for business. Some not. My gut is telling me this is all wrong. He wants something, or better yet, doesn’t want me to have something. Regardless, I feel that this can not turn out well. Am I being paranoid  or rightfully guarded?

Case number two of people waltz back into your life. Mr. Delicious. Delicious as he may be, he can leave a tart taste in your mouth. Last I had written, I discovered he had a girlfriend which he forgot to mention as part of his life updates. They are still together. Happily and stupidly so, I believe. But more to the point, we were working together on an event and I gave him a helpful pointer not because it was him but because he looked like an idiot and I needed to politely fix the issue. However, he for some odd reason took this as the open door policy to contact me whenever he damn well feels like it now. Don’t get me wrong, we could be friends. However, he burnt me and didn’t have the balls to tell me so. Somehow I can’t see this adding up to a very productive friendship either. Am I right to keep him at an arm’s length distance?

And for our final display of ballroom dancing we have Mr. Mosquito. Once again, more to come on him later, but Mr. Mosquito and I have had a continuous flirtation with each other for about 2 years now. This past summer we added fuel to the already burning fire. This is fairly standard for us–him being the nonconforming male who never admits when he is wrong and when he doesn’t have a smartass comeback all you hear is “oh fuck you”; and me being the ever independent female who teases like there is no tomorrow and replies to his “oh fuck you” statement “be careful how you say that to people” with a smirk of course. Yes, Mr. Mosquito and I go together like Kate Hudson and Dane Cook at the end of My Best Friend’s Girl. Two equally self righteous people who fuck with each other all the time and love every minute of it. Mr. Mosquito comes and goes from my life as he pleases but seeing him still makes me light up like a bulb and nothing ever changes between us. Somehow I still think I should throw caution to the wind with this one. Thoughts?



2 thoughts on “Not Exactly Dancing with the Stars

  1. Ms. EatsPlentyOfCheeseburgers says:

    All three cases, while possibly fun, aren’t worth your time. They may have been at one point, but are no longer. Why? Because they didn’t prove to you that you were worth it (which you are). If they’re not willing to bend over backwards for you- why should you for them? Regardless, if they messed up and learned that over time, came back and apologized, proving that they’re worthy, that’s another situation. Neither of these is sounding like that though. No settling.

    • Pernelson says:

      Thank you so much for your comment. You make a very valid point. I shouldn’t let them continue to waste my time. If they aren’t bending over backwards for me, or at the very least appreciating my efforts, then why should I do the same for them. A little kindness goes a long way, but often it’s never seen by the other party. Thanks for the words of wisdom. No settling!

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