Flight Recommendations

I love to fly. I really do. I have a system. Read in the airport, sleep like a baby on the plane! I always take my full size pillow with me (don’t worry I change the pillow case after travel). I always get the window seat as it is a prime spot for nappage. I have had some terrible experiences flying but overall its always a good experience. However I do have a few grievances but they are with passengers, not planes.

People say yes to the shower right before you fly. I, as well as others on the plane, do not want to smell you. If I can, I’m probably going to puke. Two, if you sit next to me, I’m your row buddy, not your caddy high school friend. I’m polite but if I’m giving you the stop sentence of the conversation, don’t keep trying. If you fly with kids, please, please, I beg you please make sure they have manners. If its a baby, give the poor thing something to satisfy itself. Bring food, water, and a “stop making noise” devise. Finally, a plane is like a library, please remain quiet. Entertain yourself and keep your attitude positive.

Ladies and gentleman, thank you for flying with Pernelson airlines. Please enjoy your flight.

PS I’m heading to South Beach Miami!


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