Butts, Boobs, and Nakedness

Why are men seemingly fixated on butts, boobs, and nakedness? I mean seriously, I do not see what is so incredibly fascinating. There are millions of butts and boobs. All various shapes, sizes and colors. They’re wonderful to accent when needed; however, I don’t want to see the nakedness. When I combined butts, boobs, and nakedness, the only thing I want to see is art.

Now I am all for girls checking out other girls. You have to check on the competition. However, I do not seen the need to stare for long periods of time. Even if I see a man with a delicious bottom, I do not see the need to stare at his ass like its going out of style. At the same time, I appreciate a girl with a nice set of boobs (generally because I’m jealous and she should work what she has) but I’m not going to stare at her boobs instead of her face.  And I’m sure I can speak for the ladies when I say “Eyes up mister.”

What amazes me is when guys do not understand a girl getting angry at him for staring. I am guilty of this. If I have caught a guy starring for a ridiculously long time, I will be THAT girl. First, I address the issue. “Excuse me sir, but why do you feel so inclined to stare at me?” Usually this works, but if it doesn’t you can believe I get loud and ludicrous. So please, gentlemen, if you feel the need to stare, make it discrete. Furthermore, if you ask for a naked picture of me, all you are going to get is a picture of Ms. Kim being the lovely lady that she is.


Ms. Kim

Ms. Kim poses for the W magazine.




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