Grasping At Disillusioned Truths

I know everybody has witnessed the event known as “my friend continues to be in a miserable relationship at his/her own hands”. Honestly, nothing will piss me off more than witnessing such epic stupidity and self-pity. I refuse to feel sorry for anyone who puts themselves in this position after being repeatedly told how unhealthy the situation is. Now grant it, at first I am understanding because I generally just chalk it off to the two people having a bad day/getting in their first serious argument/etc. However, once I discover that the fault in the situation lies in the fact that one person allows the other to treat them like shit because they “love them”, I lose my nugget. I begin but dropping a few hints about how I don’t think things between them should be this way. The hints become bigger and bigger. I’ll eventually and even subtly voice my opinion playing the role of the concerned friend (and I really am). Finally, just like everyone else, I get tired of hearing the same old repetitive horseshit. Thus, I launch into an unexpected, gut wrenching conversation (although its more one-sided) and basically proceed to making someone really angry with me, usually highly upset, and they don’t talk to me for a while. Regardless, I’ll take a few days of the cold shoulder to prove a point that not one else had the balls to make. Usually this works, and if it doesn’t, I have reached the point that I no longer care. If you choose to live in misery, deal with it and don’t complain. Personally, I prefer to live in reality versus a white picket fence fantasy. Reality is far more exciting. More risks. Finally, do not expect me to feel compassion for you when your fantasy world comes tumbling down. You deserve what you get based on the poor performance of your decisions. As a once told Sunshine (and I will never disclose what our argument was about), you made your bed, now lay in it.


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