Luxury Should Always Be Number One

Picture it. Driving down I64, ballin’ out to Jamie Foxx, and the phone is starts ringing. I immediately recognize the tone as Sunshine’s…who is directly behind me in her car. Whatever. I answer it. “So, Juliet is busy tonight and we can’t stay at her place.” “WHAT?!”
“But we told her two weeks ago that we were coming!”
Long story short we didn’t have a place to stay in the grand city. So we strategize for a while and decide that I’m taking one for the team. Did I mention that Mr. Bear also lives in the same grand city as Juliet and her boyfriend Romeo. Damn it.

Sunshine and I go about our day as usual. We attention an open house, go shopping, go eat, watch a movie, checkout the graveyard, go for a walk in the park, etc. After all this, its only 5PM. We naturally decided that our best option was to go to the bar. Happy hour! Three drinks later Mr. Bear waltzed in with HairSwoop.

Side note: HairSwoop and Sunshine use to be fuck buddies and kind of still are. It’s complicated. Truly complicated.

We all throw back a few more, eat some food, and are ready to bounce at 10PM. I’m just getting started and ready to go bar hopping. That was exactly what did not happen. I took one for the team and asked Mr. Bear if I could come back to his place. Tipsy and horny, he said yes. Once I knew that he was going to keep his word (sealed with a kiss), I announced that Sunshine was coming with us. That’s right. We aren’t going alone. I can’t risk that. The night progressed rather slowly. It was boring, full of sleep, and no nookie, which I was perfectly ok with. Sunshine and I bonded with Mr. Bear’s roommate the following morning. Cute kid.

However, we quickly realized that morning that we had nowhere to stay that evening. I mean I can get away with staying at Mr. Bear’s one night with no benefits, but not two nights. After some debating, we decide to get a hotel. Since I was paying I chose the luxury hotel downtown that didn’t break my pocketbook. I call make the reservation and we arrive 30 minutes later. After a rough night, no shower, and manipulating we are perfectly happy to relax in the lap of luxury.

Why didn’t we think of this sooner! Luxury never fails me. It’s always my friend. It comforts me and I love it. Plus, sunshine had to prepare for the night of debauchery she was about to partake in and I need to prepare for my date. Its the first date I had been on in four years. I’m sure that the night holds an epic story for at least one of us. Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Luxury Should Always Be Number One

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